Pete grew up on a farm in Southern Ontario. A bespectacled child, he spent his time indoors, drawing endless pictures of bears and dogs. He now sits in a sun soaked studio in British Columbia and paints work for Magazines, Newspapers, Advertising, and Books. Pete is really into golden retrievers, 90's HardXCore, snowboarding, the Lord of the Rings, and being a global warming alarmist. He used to help Art Direct a magazine, but that hasn't happened in a while. He also used to teach in the illustration program at Sheridan College and then a little bit at Selkirk College, but he's not doing that right now either. 

Pete has won a Gold and Silver medal from the Society of illustrators in New York -  and been recognized by all the other cool awards annuals and tastemaker blogs. He’s gonna put out a children’s book soon, I swear to god. 

Direct Contact: Pete Ryan    p: 416-659-0825

Freelance Enquiries: Morgan Gaynin Inc.
194 3rd Avenue Suite #3 New York, NY 10003    p: 212.475.0440    f: 212.353.8538

Clients include: Time, Charles Schwab, the New Yorker, Slack, Wyman's, RBC,  Mother Jones, Wired, The New York Times, Advertising Age, Newsweek, Shopify, The Walrus, Harvard Alumni, Plansponsor, The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Reader's Digest, The LA Times, The Boston Globe, Barron's, Money, Entrepreneur, The Progressive, Billboard, The Washington Post,Variety, Print, the Chronicle of Higher Education, The Hollywood Reporter, Monocle, lots and lots of other awesome people.


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